Full-scale renovation and modernization completed by Tim Brookshire, Garnett Brookshire and Andy Bergfeld.


Once a relic, always a relic

As decades passed, the novelty of this oil-boom spectacle faded. The commercial development of Tyler, Texas pushed south and moved new business away from downtown, leaving the People’s Petroleum Building to be nothing more than a reminder of the past. A hollow relic, ever ready for new life to awaken the bones of an invaluable building that exemplifies the historical foundation of an entire city.

In 2012, after decades of patiently waiting in Downtown Tyler's shadow, the People's Petroleum Building underwent a major revitalization. Reputable Tylerite investors Garnett his father Tim Brookshire worked diligently with Andy Bergfeld, a fifth-generation Tylerite and the president of Bergfeld Realty Company to return the timeworn structure to its earlier glory. Their goal was to revitalize and preserve the Art Deco essence and historical integrity of this magnificent landmark.

We are proud that we were able to truly renovate and transform this historic landmark into a modern, comfortable business environment; one that offers every convenience modern tenants would expect, within a grand, historical building of which very few remain.

Tim Brookshire

Supporting local business lifts local community

This might sound on the nose, as The People’s Petroleum Building is owned and was renovated by men who prioritize supporting local businesses, but we have to say it: the renovations were completed using the skills and talents of local contractors and resources. If you know this team, you are not surprised.


Fitzpatrick architects and Garrett and Associates General Contractors

Steve Fitzpatrick and Trey Greer referenced the building’s original plans by architect Alfred C. Finn to revert the building’s interior (and parts of its exterior) back to the original appearance. Expert innovation allowed them to incorporate modern materials and technologies into classic architecture. Old-style fixtures and accents have been retrofitted to allow for updated utilities. The actual construction efforts were facilitated by reputable local contractor Randy Garrett, owner of Garrett & Associates General Contractors. Mr. Garrett worked closely with the Fitzpatrick team to meticulously restore the building’s style and modernize all the mechanical systems with care.


Updating the legacy

Throughout the building they painstakingly preserved and restored as much of the original marble, woodwork and Art Deco attributes as possible. The escalators leading up to the grand, second story bank lobby were replaced with a marble and terrazzo staircase replicating the archetype design. Even the original, ornate entrance doors were reproduced to look as though you were stepping into the 1932 version of what was the tallest construction project west of the Mississippi River at the time.

All the old HVAC systems on newly renovated floors were replaced with new energy efficient VRV systems, which enable simultaneous cooling and heating, meeting the various needs for temperature control. Further efficiencies like repairing and resealing exterior window joints utilized long-life glazing and sealants, creating an air-tight seal around the entire building.

Electrical and plumbing systems have also been modernized to allow for improved safety measures and convenience. Advanced fire alarm and elevator upgrades along with other cutting-edge technological improvements enhance life safety measures in case of emergencies.

Modifications for ADA conformity, implementation of modern telephone, data and CATV cabling and additional computer infrastructure enhancements usher the building into the 21st century.


Want for nothing at PPB

The People’s Petroleum Building incorporates all the convenience and comforts of a modern, upscale office building without sacrificing its historical character. Bergfeld Realty Co is the perfect leasing broker to provide the experienced leadership required to restore the importance of this downtown icon.


    Fitzpatrick Architects, Tyler, Texas


    Garrett & Associates, Tyler, Texas


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    102 North College Ave., Tyler, TX. 75702


    Tim Brookshire, Garnett Brookshire and Andy Bergfeld


Where every day is like the good old days

Garnett and Tim Brookshire currently office in both the People’s Petroleum Building and Plaza Tower downtown. The Brookshire and Bergfeld families have a long history of building successful businesses in Tyler, Texas. Join them downtown and find the kind of community where you and your landlord may share an elevator ride on the way down to Prime 102.